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Any website, and in particular blogs, need regular, fresh content to keep it appealing. Appealing to it's readers and visitors and, of course, the search engines. Providing your blog with up to date information is easier said than done at times. Unless you are working full-time on one blog only, finding the time to post fresh content on a regular basis can be very difficult.

The article below provides ten great tips on how you can find time, or the resource, to post regularly but an important aspect to remember is that you will also require the discipline and dedication to add new content. Add to that the need to post information of a good quality and you will soon see that maintaining a blog to keep all interested parties happy is not neccessarily an easy task.  

10 Fresh Tips for Finding Time to BlogProBlogger

"This guest post is by Brian Milne of The Corporate Mentality. Work. School. Friends. Family … and kids. We've ……/10-fresh-tips-for-finding-time-to-blog/"

The article provides some great tips and if you chose some, if not all, of them to work on then you will be well on the way to keeping your blog fresh and interesting. You may find the short video below on "How To Build A Blog In Less Than 4 Minutes (and write your first post)" useful as well. 



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