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Making money online with your blog depends on how much traffic you can drive to it and how much traffic you generate from the search engine also depends on how well you promote your blog. If done properly, it has the potential of placing your blog before your prospects, who will be more eager to buy your products over and over again. The purpose for this article is to expose you to some ten (10) proven and effective methods of promoting your blog to make you more money online.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the major search engines to be aware of your blog; you need to get it indexed by adding your rss feed to your search engine accounts.

a. Endeavor to install the all in one SEO pack plug in and use it to add title, description and keywords for your blog, posts and pages.

b. Change the permalink settings for your blog posts from the url that includes the number to the one that includes the blog post title.
c. Where relevant, link your posts to your other blog posts as well as the other sites in your niche.
2. Make Use of Blog Directories
It is very important to submit your blog to blog directories, in relevant categories. This is like getting your blog listed in the yellow pages. The more places that you have your blog listed, the more places people will find your blog and they will be forced to buy from you.
Get your blog listed in Technocratic, for a start as this is a leading blog directory which indexes millions of blog posts fast. I must warn however that it can take quite some time before your blog gets listed in their directory and indexed. Don’t get discouraged though as the wait will be worth it in the long run.
3. Blog Communities
Submitting your blog to blog communities with good search engine rankings will ensure that your blog is indexed by Google and you will start getting followers.
4. Feed Directories
Submitting your rss feed to feed directories will keep track of your newly published posts and get them on their sites. People clicking on your blog post title on these sites will be redirected to your original blog post, there by sending you free traffic.

5. Don’t Neglect Pinging
Pinging your blog enables your blog to be noticed and indexed for top positions on the search engines with your content. Ping every piece of content you publish such as articles, press releases, podcasts and so on.
6. Website Statistics

Checking your blog statistics on these sites will ensure that your blog information is stored on these sites. This will also help your site to get indexed as most of them have good search engine rankings.

7. Make Social Bookmarking a Priority
You can get your blog across to millions of readers by sharing your newly published blog post to social bookmarking sites. Use a service that allows you to submit your new blog posts to multiple social bookmarking sites across the web. Also use right keywords or tags for your bookmarks.

8. Social Media Magic
Use your blog name as your user name when registering your accounts on social media sites. This will help your blog to get indexed quickly.

9. Blog Broadcast
Get your subscribers engaged and involved with your blog by broadcasting your new blog posts to them and ask them to comment and share. Send your broadcasts with a question and invite them to respond by leaving their comments.

10. Content Is the Ultimate
For you to consistently make money and to get continuous flow of traffic, you need to update your blog regularly with unique and relevant content. This will keep people coming back to your blog to read more.

Here they are, 10 proven and tested ways to drive targeted traffic to your blog for free.

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