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3 SEO Tips That Will Jump Your Page Rank


Sometimes the small changes or input can make a Massive difference with SEO ranking results.

Here are 3 small corrections that will make a huge difference if you practice them on a regular basis:

1. Try to limit the competition by making yourself stand out more 2. Page Title is very important. 3. Stand out and be Bold.

There are so many people doing Internet marketing that the competition may seem overwhelming.


One key factor that is a known fact is trying to stand out and corner your market or “Niche”.


Focus your attention and gather as much info on your niche as possible to stand out more than your competitors. Try and be that different guy or gal that people will turn their eyes and heads and say ” hey, that’s different..” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what its all about!

You want the search engines to find you easily without any problems in the way. So, next would be your Page Title. A very easy way to make your page title stand out more than the next persons is to create a title that has relevance to what your article is about but have something unique in the title if you can manage.

Put the proposed title in quotes and do a quick search to see how many people are using that exact phrase. You will be amazed at how different the search results will be if you tweak just one or two words in your title! Now it is time to be BOLD !

Do not be afraid to make some important key words in your article in BOLD context.

Just don’t over due it so that it look like spam! When you bold a few important words in your article, many search engines pick up on this and actually add some significance to your article possibly helping your search results with a little boost.

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Give it a shot !



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