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5 Proven Tactics to drive targeted traffic to your blog


Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.

~ Veronica A. Shoffstall, "After a While," 1971

If your not blogging, you're really missing out. It's the greatest form of communication and to give important insight to what information you want to disseminate.

With the amount of bloggers, one might ask, “why will my blog be seen by search engines?” or “is it worth written about my subject when there are so many others doing it?”. It sucks to feel like there is no way out, I know, I've been there. With years of experience running a Burlington SEO services company, I know of at least 5 way to generate targeted traffic to your blog.

These are the 5 methods that you should do when writing a new entry in your blog. These top 5 tactics can literally bring in more traffic than you can possibly imagine. Today, I still put these steps into practice every time I write a blog post, but you do need to do this every time you write a new post.

  1. Bookmarking – Anytime you write something, socially bookmark it. The ones you'll see the biggest benefit from are: Digg,, Reddit, Propeller, StumbleUpon, Mixx and JumpTags.
  2. Pinging – This lets search engines know that there is new content on your blog. Most blogs sites already do this for you however, I'll typically do it manually as well to make sure. Two automatic ways to do this are, Pinggoat and Iping. ***Warning: Don't spam, only do this once per post.
  3. Forums – A great place to discuss your topic and you might know a thing or two about it since your writing about it, involve yourself with forums. Forums are a great way to get involved in a community that has similar interests as you do. These people are your target market. When you create your account, create a signature that has a link to your blog. Start asking and answering questions so that your signature appears below what you just wrote. When answering questions, make sure you have something of value to give.
  4. Yahoo Answers – Likewise to the above, this method is closely related. Create a signature and start answering questions, adding value and quality to your post. I tend to get most of my traffic from this strategy.
  5. Help your competitors – WHAT??? Are you serious… Yes I am. I love this strategy because it works like a charm. Find blogs from your competition and read the post. Once done that, ask/answer or comment on it. Because you have a particular knowledge and insight to that blog post, you can create a much more educated answer. When you write your answer in their comments field, make sure to reference your website where they can get more information about your niche. This not only brings targeted traffic to your website, but it lessens your competitors traffic.

If your worried that the last tactic might come back to bite you as your competitors can do the same to you, my answer is “so”.If you blog has quality and value over your competition, the people that you bring over won't think twice about going back.


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