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Advertising And Marketing Differentiation


Marketing and Advertising, though they appear comparable however in reality they’re not. Advertising is just part of the larger strategy called Marketing. Marketing involves complete conceptualization of a brand starting from analysis to designing to advertising to sale. Advertising, however is a part of the marketing procedure which is nothing but passing on the message through a number of avenues to advertise the product.

Advertising is likely one of the most necessary element of a marketing strategy and also the most costly. Advertising encompasses sending the message over to the general public about your organization, product or services. It also encompasses background work like the method concerning formation of other methods and coming up with a proper one to target the audience. The strategy consists of planning things like inserting adverts, deciding what media to make use of, what time, frequency and the rest. The advertisements are usually positioned by way of means like tv, direct mail, newspapers, world wide web, emails, radio, magazines, mobile phone messaging, flyers, banners etc. The most popular one is in fact the television though advertising online is becoming more and more widespread too.

Best approach to distinguish advertising from marketing is to think about marketing as a cake and if you slice the cake, advertising as one of many pieces of that cake. The other pieces of cake are market analysis of the product, merchandise designing, media planning, PR, product pricing, customer satisfaction, customer support, sales and many more. All these elements or pieces of cake should work independently but collectively in achieving the bigger goal i.e. promote product and develop business popularity in the market. Marketing is a marathon procedure involving many duties that involve hours typically days of research. The analysis part of marketing takes the longest duration because it includes totally understanding the behavior of consumer towards a product. Designing the product and creating advertising strategy is also a tedious process. The one parts that take less time are executing the ads and sales activities. Marketing can be looked at as a channel linking consumers and the company.

But many companies often make mistake of confusing advertising with marketing. They try to mimic large firms like Coke and Pepsi in promotion but they basically overlook the work that goes behind that. The classical example of that is, take the case of logo for example. Many business owners are so passionate about the logo of their company in their ads that they think that it’s going to simply deliver in the sales. However what makes a logo works is none aside from the reputation of the company and the logo will need to have a sense to it and will really mirror firm’s values. One must also keep in mind that these firms spend fortunes on advertising which a brand new start up company can’t afford. As opposed to wasting unnecessary money on branding your product, one ought to invest money and time in educating the customers that they can address their expectations. After acquiring reputation and growing to a bigger size company one can think of these extravagant ideas. Communicating to the buyers also helps as it would give them an understanding that you understand what you do and are best at doing that.

Good marketers are bold in approach rather than passive. They stir reader’s minds by inducing them to take action as opposed to just making them educated of the product. Sensible marketers also seek to get the names, addresses and contact numbers of people who are actually interested in hiring your company by employing aggressive marketing. Consequently having a very good marketing campaign speaks lots about the company and their products. And advertising gives that final touch to the hard work accomplished by the marketing people in promoting a product.

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