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Affiliate Marketing And Where To Begin


Now that many people’s finances are getting even tighter because of the recession, the concept of making money online is getting even more attractive, and one of the first things many people hear about is something by the name of affiliate marketing. While there’s enough information out there to overwhelm the majority at first, the basic concept is fairly simple.

Market research is the first step in the system.

First, you should research markets you have an interest in.  This is your most crucial starting point, and you can do this by finding out what your possible customers are on the lookout for.  This is the essence of keyword research finding the particular words or phrases people type into search engines to get answers to their issues, and you may be certain that if you don’t do your analysis, you will regret it later.

By finding and using keywords that purchasers are actively entering into the search engines, you’ll be able to help your websites and landing pages rank higher, generating a nonstop flood of organic, targeted traffic.

Keyword research doesn’t have to be a difficult job, however.  Begin with the free Google Keyword Tool, which can be found by hunting for Google keyword tool external, and enter in a keyword or phrase that identifies the product or niche that you have an interest in promoting as an affiliate.

Click on get keyword ideas to generate a list of keywords and gauge the competitiveness of the the market by taking a look at the quantity of times people are looking for your principal keywords a month.

What you need to do is find a market with existing demand that also has existing competition and products readily available, but not so competitive that ranking well is pretty much impossible.

What’s important here is that you remember there should be an audience for whatever you opt to market.  Since you are an affiliate, your costs for entering a market aren’t extremely high, but it is’s still an excellent idea to take the time to do niche research to elude wasting your time.

For more information on market research and keyword research in internet marketing, particularly as it is applicable to CPA, take a look at the newly-released Zero Friction Marketing course.


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