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An Introduction To Affiliate Marketing


To effectively provide an introduction to affiliate marketing, it is necessary to define it in its broadest terms. In fact, affiliate marketing is where a person or business signs up with a company who provides services or products for sale on the internet and agrees to advertise that company’s services and products on their websites and blogs in exchange for a percentage of the sale price of any product sold through their website. The affiliate company sends the products to the purchaser and pays the affiliate on a monthly basis in the form of total commissions earned.

If you want to become an affiliate marketer, then first of all, you have to look for companies that provide services and products closely related to the topic of their website or blog.

Today the majority of affiliates prefer to use smaller, less well known affiliate companies, which offer more specialized and specific products for sale. That way affiliates will more accurately pinpoint those products which are most likely to appeal to their regular visitors and thus hopefully result in sales and revenue generation.

Even if the majority of affiliate marketers pay their affiliates in the form of commission, some marketers allow the affiliate to create their own profit margin in the form of a mark-up price – in the same way that offline retailers will do when purchasing goods on wholesale from manufacturers.

This means that these companies have a core price for the products and the affiliate is able to increase the price by an amount of their choosing to represent their share of the profit. The affiliate company will ship the wares to the customer as well as pay their affiliates in the same way as those who provide percentage commissions.

Affiliate marketing could be a great way for bloggers and webmasters to make some extra money from their websites.

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