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Article Marketing: What Is It All About?


You may know by now that writing articles is a great way to get good exposure for your website and, as a consequence, promote the products / services you want to market online.

One key thing to remember is consistency. Results will not be achieved overnight but publishing one article a week, the number of inbound links you will get for your site will grow steadily. Those links will be your best ‘soldiers’ to win the online visibility game.

More visibility, more traffic, more visitors, more suscribers and eventually more customers than your competition.

Yeah. I know, I know. Writing articles is not “the lazy marketer preferred strategy”. Are you one of them? Well, buddy, I can be of little help for ya, being an advocate for the consistent and focused work to get long lasting results. smart business corp if you may.

Then, Why go all the trouble of thinking, writing (and writing well) and of course submitting an article?

Some of the benefits of submitting articles:

Quantity of backlinks. An immediate result you get is the number of links pointing to some part of your website. More is better than less.

Targeting keywords. When writing an article, as in almost everything else, be specific and focus on keywords that are searched, but don’t play in a highly competitive niche.

Increased authority perception. You can establish yourself as an authority on your product, service or specific niche.

Increased traffic. Number, quality and specificity will eventually result in more traffic to your website and
Better search results position. This is the name of the game, isn’t it?

Promoting your web site by writing and submitting articles is the best way of creating increased visibility for your website, product or service. It’s free and all it takes is some of your time, knowledge and experience. How often do you get the chance to advertise your business free of charge and at such length?

Writing an article about something you know well or are passionate about isn’t hard. You do talk to your customers about your business every day. Writing should be as having a conversation with your customer. Make a few notes about your last chat with a client and you
will have a good list of topics to turn into an article.

Establishing yourself as an expert with your own opinion and views is a good investment of time and effort, especially when backed up by facts and figures you can provide. Doing that is watching beyond the fence. Marketing your products and services is very important but marketing your image and reputation is key and is also do smart business corp.

An article you have published in directories will be around for a long time, so a piece of information you wrote two years ago about your field of expertise will still be driving traffic to your website today. That is one huge reason to use article marketing instead of simple advertising.

Above all… it’s free!

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