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Article Writing – 10 Effective Article Writing Tips


Here are some of the most effective article writing tips that I have learned from years of writing my own articles:

1. Define your readers. You don?t want to do the guessing game when identifying the topics that you?re going to discuss and the information that you?re going to share when writing your articles. Thus, I suggest that you get to know what your target audience really wants from you before you get started. What I do is I go to forums and ask my target readers about the things that they find interesting or those that they consider very important in their lives. Then, I pay attention to the language that they are using and their levels of comprehension. These information help me in making my articles more focused and more targeted.

2. Use the inverted pyramid technique. Based on research and on personal experience, online users will gauge the quality of your articles based on your first couple of sentences. If they don?t find anything interesting or intriguing at this point, you can be assured that they?ll close your copies in a heartbeat. You can avoid this from happening by simply placing the juiciest and useful information on your lead paragraph.

3. Do your research. Do your homework before you tap on your keyboard. Research your chosen topics thoroughly and efficiently. Aside from checking relevant websites, it would also help if you conduct interviews and surveys. Don?t forget to check out other offline resources too. While you?re at it, ensure that you commit yourself in getting as much information as possible. It?s important that you do not leave any stone unturned so you can effectively educate your readers.

4. Be creative. It?s crucial that you strive to set your articles apart from the rest. You can do this with a little creativity. Do trials and errors and spend time doing some relevant experiments. It may take a while before you develop something that will make your articles stand out from the crowd but you can be assured that it will worth it. You see, this can help you easily make a lasting mark on the minds of your readers. As you know, you need this badly so you?ll maximize the amount of attention you get in the online arena.

5. Limit the scope of your content. Before you write your articles, make sure that you limit the scope of your content. You need to know early on what you?re going to discuss and what you?re not going to discuss. Focus on your chosen topic and avoid discussing too many grounds. Focus on giving your readers only those things that they find really, really important. So as not to get lost during the writing process, I recommend that you create an outline or a skeleton that contains all the things that you would like to cover on your articles.

6. Choose the best writing format. It?s important that you make your articles readable and easy on the eyes as this can help in promoting further reading. Using tips list or how-to writing format will surely help. Identify the major points that you would like to discuss and explain them using very short paragraphs that contain no more than 5 sentences.

7. Keep it short. Based on experience, only few online users will have the patience to read lengthy articles. As they?re pressed for time, most of these people prefer articles that are short but meaty. So, always remind yourself that less is more in the field of article writing. Communicate your ideas using as few words as possible. Also, avoid beating around that bush and do not use lengthy introductions.

8. Spill the beans. Do you want your readers to consider you as the best in your chosen niche? Then, showcase your in-depth knowledge by giving out solid information together with trade secrets and insider tips. As most article writers prefer to conceal their in-depth knowledge, this can surely make your articles stand out from the crowd.

9. Put your readers at ease. This is crucial as you?re trying to have personal connection with these people. Write your articles as if your readers are just in front of you. Explain your topics the same way you?ll discuss it with your friends and loved ones. Empathize with them when talking about their problems. Engage them by asking questions and by making them smile from time to time by injecting appropriate humor.

10. Mind your grammar. You readers will surely not take you seriously and they will doubt your credibility if you can?t even get your grammar right. So, make sure that you?re familiar with the rules of grammar. If you?re really not that confident with your grammar usage, I recommend that you read relevant online resources and ask professional editors to check your articles before you distribute them online.
You don?t want to do the guessing game when identifying the topics that you?re going to discuss and the information that you?re going to share when writing your articles. Thus, I suggest that you get to know what your target audience really wants from you before you get started.

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