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Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

~ Henry Ford

Although many small PTD sites including Survey Spot, CashCrate, and others recently sprouting site exist, is one of the most creative and entertaining ‘pay-to-do’-s out there with one of the longest histories most payouts to this date.

The proof is in the pudding. Below are images of my personal gains from over short period work. I never had to work consistently to keep gaining bonuses, from the first month I was able to hit high double digits and it was only a matter of time before I started seeing triple digit payouts.
The goal of your first few months is to establish some payout from the website so that you have personal evidence and proof of the money your PTD has yielded you. Some people have enough networking to establish referrals without having proof but in most cases I have found it easier to convince people I know to join the site by showing them my payout page.
The first few months you will focus on making primary income and when enabled, secondary income to establish a significant payout by the end of the month. The next few modules will cover each type of primary income and provide a detailed strategy to getting high approvals and most payout to expedite your earnings portfolio. If you sign up using my referral banners you will already be 5$ towards your first paycheck meaning you will get your first payout after completing 15$ worth of surveys/tasks and offers.

One innovative way I have developed in using this effectively is with deal sites like Slick Deals. Many people use slickdeals as a purchasing medium. If you can find deals within the sites listed in Treasure Trooper, you can make a post on slickdeals attaching your cash back referral code to the product url. If the deal is hot and dozens jump on it, many unknowingly pass you the cash back by using your post’s link. I will outline this process more in it’s own lens later with step by step dissection of designing the url, referral codes and finding deals.

Referrals are the key to the long term payout for this website. If you can establish a strong referral base you can lean back and watch it produce money for you. Gaining good referrals is tough and a lot of work on your part to equip them with the same knowledge and capabilities to recruit their recruits.

For every recruit 20% of their income is gained by yourself as bonus. Of their recruits (or secondary referrals) 5% of their income is gained as bonus to you.

Let’s do the math- if you 20 referrals making 20$ a month an they each have 20 referrals making 20$ a month thats:
(20*20).2 + (20*20*20).05
or $80 from primary referrals and $400 from secondary referrals or $480 total!

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Blog World Blogs good reading

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