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Blogging To Make Money And The Importance Of Keywords


Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat.

~ Ann Landers

When you want to make money with blog posts, you have to know what type of blog will attract money. Search engine optimization techniques are, therefore, indispensable. While there are many factors involved in SEO, the importance of keywords cannot be emphasized enough. Content is king, but keywords bring content to the readers. Hence, they should be everywhere on a page where search engines look for. Remember that blogs make money because of the traffic they get. And what better way to increase your blog’s traffic than to have a good ranking on search engine results pages or SERPs. Again, keywords are crucial because when search engines look for pages to show an Internet user who has just hit on a search, these keywords will be the basis for the search engines to know what pages should be returned to the searcher. When a page uses the right keywords that tell the search spiders exactly what it is all about, it has a greater chance of showing up on related search results. The question now is, how many keywords are necessary? When a page has too little keywords, the search spiders will not find it significant enough to be indexed for a certain search. Having too many keywords won’t get that page indexed either because spiders can detect and don’t like keyword stuffing. The trick is to have enough. A 3-5% keyword density is usually recommended, which means for every 100 words, there should only be 3-5 keywords. Anything more than that is considered too much and can cause a downgrade in search result or even a ban on the entire domain. Thus, if you want to make money with your blog, aim for balance. . Besides, even if you manage to escape search engine filters with a higher keyword density, that would mean sacrificing the quality of your content. You may actually get people to your post but when they see that you’re not making any sense with all those keywords in places sounding awkward or desperate, readers would know that you’re not sincere. Definitely, they could tell if you’re only after the traffic which you hope could bring you money. Readers usually feel tricked when this happens and they probably will only click away and never come back. How to make money blogging may sound easy from a technical point of view but when you get to the heart of things, there’s so much more. You need to strike a balance between search engine optimization and making good with your readers. Otherwise, no how to blog manual is going to work.


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