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Building a Better Blog: Smart Web Design for the Average Blogger


The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.

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There are so many blogging templates availble for you to choose from and customise your blog to better fit your specific blog niche. For instance, you can get a nicely laid out golf template for your golf niche blog or you can get yourself a recipe blog template if your blog is about food recipes.

Many of the blog templates you can get are free but of course you can pay for a more unique looking, template that you can modify more easily so that it will look tailor made for your niche. The very useful article below will give some more great ideas but don't forget there are many other websites providing free blogging templates – such as Have a search around Google for "free blog templates" and you will find plenty.  

Building a Better Blog: Smart Web Design for the Average Blogger

"Many bloggers and web entrepreneurs use web templates for their overall site design.Design Web Development Joomla…"


If you really want to customise your blog to make it absolutely unique then you will need some web design skills and techniques. You don't necessarily need to be an expert and you won't need to go on anything like a three year University degree course. Gain a little knowledge to start off with and build fro there. You will be surprised at how quickly you will master some quite basic procedures and before you know it you will become more and more proficient. The short video below will give some more great tips along with the article we provided above – "How To Manage Or Edit Your Blog Design



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