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Choosing a Free URL Rotator


If you have a number of sites to promote, a free URL rotator is very helpful because you only require a single link to advertise, for example, 200 websites.  You just have to be careful when selecting the provider of this free tool because there might be a limit to the number of URLs that you can include in the free URL rotator.  This could be inconvenient when the number of websites that you are advertising surpasses this limit because you will have to find another provider and you will then have two or more rotators to think of.

In addition to the limit imposed on the number of URLs in a number of providers of free website rotators, another potential downside is that a banner ad is often displayed.  However, you may be able to do away with this ad if you agree to upgrade to a paid membership status, which could be sensible because of the advantages that are provided.  Some providers of  free URL rotators may even offer you a commission if you are able to refer someone to become a paid member.

For different people, particularly Internet marketers, what are the various uses of free website rotators?  Let us first examine the nature of a free URL rotator before we examine its uses.  The primary function of a free website rotator is to show a different web page every time a person clicks on a particular link.  You submit a list of the URLs of these pages to the free URL rotator company and each time the link is clicked, either the next URL in the list is employed to load a web page or another URL is randomly chosen.  The usual system is that every click moves the pointer to the next URL in the list because you might want to provide every URL with the same chance of being seen by the Internet surfers.

The most obvious application of a free URL rotator is the promotion of several sites with just one link.  Another potential use for the free website rotator is an advertising cooperative in which people can purchase shares and the rotator will be able to show all of their websites because for every click, the URL to be displayed is the next one in the list.  With a free URL rotator you can also easily shift your  advertising efforts to other sites if you want to abandon a particular product or site.  You only need to withdraw the URL for this site or product from list.


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