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Competing and Winning on the Internet – A Guide for Small Business


Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Common search engines provide a significant opportunity for businesses of all sizes to make new sales on the internet.Multi national corporations pay handsomely to make sure their websites are optimized to attract more internet viewers.The process of ‘localization’ allows a small business to compete on an even playing field with even the largest competitors.’  Local conditions and unique value in a local market can be the differentiators your company needs to compete for the same sales traffic that Fortune 100 companies rely on to increase their corporate profits. Increasing profits are fine – especially if they belong to you!


SEO Consultant Blogs frequently receive questions about how small businesses can compete with mega chains.  Small and local business have some big advantages and can make use of them using internet SEO methods.

Local information regarding customer purchasing behavior, local tastes and preferences and other characteristics are key advantages.  As all business is based on an interpersonal relationship, smaller businesses have a significant advantage in developing these relationships in both the short and long term.

So just how does a small organization battle a huge competitor?Highlighting important items that are of concern to the local community may be done on the web page or blog. Potential customers are looking for just this kind of source for local product or service information.Distributing information in the form of blog posts and articles that include valuable pieces of information automatically causes potential customers to compare you to your competitors!

Competing effectively requires highlighting each product and service advantage.A locally relevant page or blog post contains two key elements.   These are:

  • Location, Location, Location
  • Local Service Advantages

Highlight these items in your page or within the body of each post to attract internet traffic searching for your products and services within in your geographic area.

Location, Location, Location:

Other pages may dominate a particular search, but by adding the name of your town – a geographic paramenter – your page will be set apart from others for searches in that area.Narrowing the search by geographic area is a good tactic. Searches for.A notation about geograpic location – when included in the title tag and within the text – helps attract the attention of search engines when information is requested about that location.

A separate web page within your environment may be useful in discussing service offerings in a particular area. For instance, would help the search engines understand exactly what this page is about. Blog titles can also be used in this fashion. Using a city name in the title of your blog post will in most cases include the city in the end URL for that article.

List the address, including city and state, for your organization somewhere on each page for the search ‘bots to see.It is important that all readers understand your location and service area.

Local Service Advantages:
Reacing and adapting to rapidly changing conditions is a big advantage most small business holds over multi national organizations.Anything ‘new’ may qualify as a topic for a web page notice or blog post.By being involved in one’s community, name recognition and credibility in the community may be enhanced.Nearly every business transaction requires a degree of trust, so this is an important invitation.

Share all the local service or product advantages that you provide that would be an advantage over major competitors.Don’t be timid!New clients usually wish to understand who they are buyin from and want reasons to patronize your business.Converting readers into customers is made much easier by highlighting all of the product or service advantages you’ve developed.

Small business in particular has to convert on every possible opportunity to earn a new customer.Flexible organizations can enjoy higher sales and greater cash flow using the internet.Internet search engines as well as your readers will want to understand what makes your organization a better choice in your local market.

Denver SEO Consultants provide counsel to small and medium sized businesses to drive up sales and revenue using their web and internet presence.Find out how we can help increase your revenue and sales today!



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