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Content Wizard Review For Blogging and Content Management


If you’ve got an online business for mlm marketing, then you’re probably just like so many others who appreciate automation. There are countless mundane activities we need to do on a daily basis. Also, employing automation is an excellent use of leverage that will save us a lot of time. That is time saved so we can easily devote to money-making activities such as promoting our offers. This article gives an in-depth review of WordPress plugin, Content Wizard, that was designed by Leslie Bogaerts. This plugin essentially is a tool to facilitate the whole content management process for your weblogs. Even so, as you will read, this plugin is quite feature rich, and Leslie has by now recently updated (at the time of this writing) an autoblogging upgrade.

Blogs are, in a word, time sucking web mlsp sites that can be frustrating if you do not have a lot experience with them. The majority of us know the pain of doing almost everything by hand with category generation, tag creation and manually uploading content. There is much more to it, but applying one click posting is something that is sure to be attractive to a lot of people. Naturally you can pick which existing categories your content is going to be posted. So there exists some precision with this, and you won’t be flying blindly with posts to random places on your blog.

Yes, of course there is a great deal more to Content Wizard for network marketing leads in terms of benefits. If you’re like many bloggers, then you want your blogs and posts to rank highly in Google, normally. Well, there is a feature for creating tags for all your posts that will decrease time spent. We do not have the specifics concerning ease of use with WordPress plugins for on page search engine optimization. So that would be something we are sure Leslie can shed a lot of light on.

For content management automation you will find several neat benefits available. Certainly you will have the power to schedule all future postings according to time and date. Then there is the autoblogging upgrade that is very new, and that will be nice for some of you. Autoblogs are appealing to those who flip sites/blogs in addition to marketers who use them for funneling traffic.

If you’re drawn to using PLR material, or articles, then there is a little something here for you, too. Basically you will be able to make your PLR articles one of a kind for SEO purposes. We are not able to tell you that you’ll pass a review with this part of the plugin, but you understand the deal about that.

There are no annoying restrictions placed on you with Content Wizard because you have an unlimited use license. Totally free lifetime upgrades which is pretty standard for a great deal of plugins and software, but it really is nice to have. No hassles involved if you really like to flip sites as you can use this plugin without restrictions. Furthermore, there is no developers license required if you create blogs to sell as a business.


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