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If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time.

~ Author Unknown

When you create a blog it can be about absolutely anything. The only thing that should determine what you can and cannot write about is the purpose of the blog. If you are writing a blog because you want to be able to earn money online then this will restrict what you can write about. On the other hand if you are writing a blog because you would like to share your knowledge and insight about a certain topic all restrictions are lifted and you can write about anything you would like. When blogging there are several things which you should be thinking about and one of the most important is how you are going to create content that will market itself. This is when a blogger creates content that is so good, authoritative, and creative there is absolutely no reason to build links towards the content or submitting the content to social bookmarking websites because webmasters and bloggers will see the value of the content and place links on their presence. Your readers and traffic will also see the value of the content and submit it for you to all the top social bookmarking websites.

Creating content which is considered link bait will not happen overnight and will surely not happen with your first post or article. When you first create a blog using,, or usually you will have no idea what your audience wants and what content they will respond to. The only way to find out exactly the type of content that your traffic wants and will support is writing many different types of content and publishing them on your website. After a week or so you can check all the major social bookmarking websites such as,, and to see if your audience submitted your content. You can also use Yahoo’s Site Explorer to find out if anyone linked to your post and follow the backlink to see what they said about your writing.

The reason I recommend doing this is it will provide your information to cut down on the amount of internet marketing you need to reach the top of Google and cut down on the amount of social marketing needed to reach the top of the major social bookmarking websites. Blogging is not something that is easy, but with enough work anyone can become a professional blogger with a large following. The only things they will need to do is constantly be working on creating powerful blog content which is link bait. As you create link bait more and more your blog will take off to the top of search engines because everyone will be linking to your content which is them giving you a vote. All their page rank will pass on to your posts and then to all the internal links within your navigation and in the blogs content. If you want to do well in the major search engines rather than worrying about link building you should focus on creating content that attracts links automatically.

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