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Crucial Blog Income Secrets – Value Isn’t Enough


Life's problems wouldn't be called "hurdles" if there wasn't a way to get over them.

~ Author Unknown

If you’ve been involved with blogging for very long, you’ve heard two things over and over. One is that content is king and the other is that offering real value to your readers is vital. Getting this part right doesn’t guarantee you’ll make money. A secret to blog income is that great content and providing value won’t get you there by themselves. That may seem to contradict what you’ve heard, but it doesn’t. Allow me to explain.

In addition to great content and value, the top blogs, the ones that make money, have several other key characteristics that set them apart from lesser blogs. The most important of these is that they have traffic. In other words, thousands of people a day read their blogs.

No matter how good your content is, no matter how valuable your visitors find your content, if you only have a trickle of visitors, you blog income is going to be at best very small. Word is that there are over 100 million blogs on the Internet right now. If you’re writing about a popular topic (and you should be), you’ll have competition. You’ll probably find tens, if not hundreds of blogs covering the same topic. It can be hard to get visitors to come to your blog, but it is doable.

Once you have lots of loyal readers, you’re getting close, but still not out of the woods. Earning money from your blog (monetizing it) is the next step you must take. Unfortunately, even if you get tons of visitors, you’re not guaranteed to make any money. If you want to earn significant blog income, you need a good monetization plan.

Clearly, giving your readers valuable content isn’t enough in itself to make money. Two more things are necessary. One is getting visitors, lots of visitors to your blog. The other is getting them to spend money. You’ll need to master both of these if you really want to profit from your blogging.

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