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Do What You Do Anyway And Make Money Doing It


Success comes in cans, not cant's.

~ Author Unknown

Odds are, you’re a blogger. Everybody has a blog these days. Not everybody can make money blogging, though. They can, but they don’t. Why not? If you’re a blogger, why not profit from it?

As a blogger, you’ve already got all the skills you need to get started. You can make money online just as soon as you want to. Because you know how to write a blog, you may be more qualified than a professional copywriter.

That’s not to say that professional writers can’t make money with a blog, too. It’s just that bloggers who are not trained writers tend to have a conversational style that is perfect for writing articles to promote their products. People can sense a too-polished approach, but always respond well to a conversational type article, especially if you’re actually interested in your subject.

Whatever you blog about, odds are you tend to write about the same things all the time. If you’re into music, you write about your favorite music. If you’re into girls, you probably write about hot girls. If you look through your blog posts, you’ll see a lot of words and phrases popping up all the time. These are your keywords.

Now is the time to take the leap and go from just one blog to many. If you want to get a wider audience and more traffic, you’ll need to submit content to many different directories. Doing this by hand can be an exhausting and almost impossible job, but you can subscribe to a cheap article submission service and it will be easy. If you like, you can just sign up for a free service for starters, but later you’ll probably be better off using an inexpensive service.

There are other things to consider as well. You’ll probably want to start a mailing list, so you don’t lose the traffic that comes to your site. A regular email will remind everyone about your site and keep them coming back.

It will require some work at first, but you’ll be amazed. Once you’ve got everything set up and automated, you will start to see a passive income online start to happen. All you’ll be doing is blogging like you do every day, but money will be coming in like never before.

Look, what’s stopping you? Isn’t it worth a try. It costs nothing to get on some affiliate programs. With a little effort, you might start finding ways of creating products that sell yourself. Between instructional eBooks, CD’s, video downloads and all the other electronic products that can be created easily and cheaply online, there’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish!


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