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E-Commerce working made easy


Explaining how E-Commerce works is rather simple. Simply put, E-Commerce is an electronic exchange of goods and/or services. When you buy anything from any online store such as eBay,, you automatically participate in E-Commerce. Downloading music from sites such as Napster or iTunes is also included under the purview of E-Commerce. With a program like CB Fortune you will be able to learn how to leverage the skills of profitable business pratices. First, lets discuss the different types of E-Commerce to help you understand it better.

B2B: B2B or business-to-business was the first form of E-Commerce that was brought into existence. In the 1960s, information and files were being shared and transferred electronically by banks and other businesses. However, there wasn’t one standard way of conducting this business, as a result of which many businesses could not successfully transfer between each other. This limited the sharing of files and information between businesses. B2B E-Commerce got a boost in the 80s when a reliable standard was set up which enabled all to use the same method and hence exchange files much more easily.

C2C: Consumer-to-consumer, or C2C E-Commerce is popular today. If you’ve ever purchased something online from another person, rather than a business, either through an ad posting on a electronic bulletin board or an online auction, you’ve participated in consumer-to-consumer E-Commerce. Online auctions are the most popular manifestation of consumer-to-consumer E-Commerce, eBay, the gigantic site which allows users to put up their goods and sell them to the highest bidder is a well known example of the same. P2P: The use of Napster for sharing files free of cost gave rise to P2P or peer-to-peer E-Commerce. Now there are several similar websites and file-sharing programs and systems online.

B2C: Business-to-consumer forms a major portion of overall E-Commerce transactions and hence it must be necessarily mentioned while explaining the working of E-Commerce.


E-Commerce is when anyone purchases anything at an online store or website, be it a download of an electronic form or an item that is shipped to the buyer. Keep in mind the following pointers for effective explanation of how E-Commerce works.

The definition of E-Commerce includes the online exchange of at least one of the following: Information, Money, Goods / Services. To explain how E-Commerce works in your favor, the concepts are just as simple. For instance, if you wish to purchase a book, there are several online bookstores which you can use to compare the prices of that book and find the lowest one. The cost of shipping the book and the shipping time are some of the factors that you should consider before selecting a store which can send you the book in the shortest possible time and at the lowest price.

You do not have to stand in line, fight crowds, or spend any money for transportation or gas for doing this. Perceiving the advantages of E-Commerce is simple, when you take into account the fact that you can comparison shop so easily, for small and large items. Although, we can explain it to you; it is easier to see the advantages that E-Commerce has to offer, when you have purchased an item using this method. New innovations in E-commerce are being develped from programs such as CB Fortune.


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