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Eliminating The Confusion About The Page Rank


The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do.

~ Author Unknown

Everybody is familiar with the notion of page rank. But notwithstanding great amounts of information about it a lot of users and webmasters are still confused by it. I guess most of this confusion comes from mixing two different notions: Google ranking and page ranking.

I am sure if we clarify the difference between the two, the confusion will go away. Understanding the difference between them will help you determine the right objectives for the promotion of your very site. People often just want high page rank because they’ve heard it is good to have it. But they often do not understand that high page rank does not guarantee the top position in the search results. If you want your site to be found on the first page of search results you need to go after Google index ranking not a page rank. In this case there is a whole lot of thing you can do. There is the so-called SEO minimum which will ensure that your site is found.

Start with generating quality content. Remember that the more unique, helpful and useful the information is the more people will be interested in it. It should be written by a professional content writer. Make sure you update it frequently. This will also add some points to your score.

You can also create press releases or make a video about your site. This will inform more people about the site and if the information is presented correctly it will be kind of an advertisement for your site that will entice people to visit it.

Do not forget about good backlinks. The best variant is when a one-way link comes from a high page rank site with relevant information. You can also submit your site to directories. They make listings of all the sites depending on their subject. This categorization makes it easier and more comfortable for the users to find the information they are looking for.

These were some basic simple SEO techniques which can be applied by everybody. But when it comes to more serious site promotion it is better to hire a professional site promotion company. It will ensure that you get to the highest positing in the search results as soon as possible. Moreover, they will not only bring you there, they will help you stay there for a long time.

If you still want to do it yourself be careful about the techniques you choose. Do not trust those numerous automated approaches displayed all over the web. These short cuts won’t bring you to your goal. Contrary to this, they might cause some penalty from Google as it always notices unnatural activity and penalizes for it. Google likes to believe that nobody can trick them. And it looks like nobody has done that so far.

Nowadays Online technologies have become very popular. So it is not surprising that the Internet network has turned into a way of earning money. But to avoid putting your online business in big problem it is very crucial to know how to redirect expired domain traffic.

How to get search engines to crawl your site is one of the most important things which has to be focused on. Remember that people today make use of online network to find info, and buy goods. And of course they use search engines for it. To make an online business successful, one should use all the tools available. That’s why if you are aware of building Alexa rankings much, you have real chances to achieve success.

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