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Find Out What Resale Rights And PLR Are And Where To Get Them


Private Label Rights rights allow you to make another author’s work show like it’s yours by changing its content. That can vary from writing an introduction paragraph or editing the title to completely modifying it any way you want and add your name to it as the creator (with or without the condition that you have to modify the content). Anything allowing you to change the content (except branding an affiliate link) is called Private Label Rights.

Obtaining Private Label Rights does not automatically mean you also have obtained the copyrights. That’s another issue, because copyrights are granted the moment a document, in whatever form, is finished.

Also, obtaining Private Label Rights does not automatically mean you also have obtained any other right like re-selling (Reprint) or even licensing others to reprint (Master reprint rights).

The Private Label Rights hype started for me years ago with resale rights but since then all kind of new rights have been introduced resulting in a real mix of definitions.

Here’s how I see that.

Basically, resale rights are the rights to re-distribute a work of another author that already has been published, hence RE-sale rights. These kinds of rights are not limited to the internet business; they’re quite common in lots of other businesses too.

Maybe the limitation of ‘already has been published’ in resale rights was reason to use other words to describe such rights, thus skipping this limitation. That’s probably why lots of people also use the terms resell rights or reprint rights.
Still, resell, resale and reprint rights often mean the same nowadays.

I will use the term resale rights in the rest of this article; you pick one of the others if you like.

Then there are Master resale rights. That means you’re not only allowed to re-distribute the product or document, but you’re also allowed to trade the resale rights for the product. Sometimes you’re even allowed to sell these Master resale rights!

Confused yet? If you are, you’re definitely not the only one, but here’s how you get around this. First you have to understand, when talking about (master) resale rights, you’re actually talking about a way of distribution and in NO way about copyrights. That’s a big difference. Further, the only thing you can be quite certain about is the difference between resale rights and master resale rights. You now know what they mean.

To solve the confusion about all other criteria is to look at the conditions and terms presented with any right that you want to obtain.
A lot of terms can apply to both sorts of rights. You may or may not have permission to:

•Give away the product

•Give away a branded version

•Package the product with other products

•Give it away as a bonus

•Use it as web content

•Brake the product down into articles

•Offer it through auction sites

•Supply the product in a (paid) membership area

•Alter the product

•Let those buyers also sell resale rights.

Look at this list again. It is your checklist I don’t pretend it to be complete, but it’s a good start. If not presented with the repsale offer, these are the questions that you have to ask when you want to buy any kind of rights. If you’re not absolutely sure what a term exactly means, ask the seller.

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