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Free Internet Affiliate Marketing Resources For Niche Research And Bookmarking


I have a internet site, Free Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tools, specialized in providing those interested in affiliate marketing assistance in acquiring free methods in order to learn affiliate marketing strategies and methods without having to deal with a lot of costs. It is very important to learn the strategies involved “manually” before choosing to automate the process.

Further down on this page is a quick description of just a few of various posts on my website that may interest a few starting out in internet affiliate marketing. I do hope any person planning to go into the field of affiliate marketing might take benefit of these types of totally free resources. I believe even the experienced marketer may well stumble on a few of the things we have on this web site helpful and of some merit.


Social Bookmark Submission is certainly a valuable way to backlink your campaigns. Right now there are numerous web 2.0 bookmarking websites which have high PR and great traffic. By using social bookmarking you can help to get your internet site listed more rapidly, you will get a quick targeted traffic boost, and help in your SEO. Auto-submission social bookmarking applications and services are often somewhat expensive. If you really can afford it the absolute best out there is Bookmarking Demon, that I review on my web site. If you happen to be new to affiliate marketing or can’t afford it this site is an excellent method to allow it to be simpler to place your social bookmarks. Social Marker provides for semi-automation of social bookmarks to fifty sites and can definitely benefit you. Make sure you make use of my hyperlink above to learn more.

FireFox and SEOQuake Plug-In

If you’re in internet affiliate marketing but not making use of FireFox as your Web Browser you should reconsider. FireFox provides for numerous add-ons which can assist you in your internet marketing work that I personally cannot ever seeing being without it when performing my online marketing tasks. It is free of charge the same as the majority of the add-ons which makes this an excellent tool to make use of.

My personal favorite add-on with this web browser is the SEOQuake. It really is an exceptional tool for the affiliate marketer and allows you to view a web site or web property in ways that you may never have . The product will show backlinks and their sources, keyword densities, Google Page Rank, Alexia Rating, and a lot more. It is certainly one of my most valued researching tools.

You really ought to check it out! Please use my hyperlink above to read more!


If you are using the ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Network then there is a free to utilize site that you ought to know about known as ClickBank Analytics (CB Analytics). It includes a wide range of tools and tons of information to help you investigate the vendors and choose your next product or service to promote. ClickBank is an outstanding Affiliate Network however many have problems in investigating products available for promotion through their primary site at which you manage your account. This internet site will allow for comprehensive research of all products supplied by ClickBank for your marketing consideration. I’ve more information available by using the hyperlink above and visiting my site.


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