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There are various possible applications for the service rendered by free website rotators, especially for people who sell their services or products through the Internet. In simple terms, a free website rotator is in charge of displaying a different web page whenever a person happens to click on your link. The free URL rotator either randomly selects another URL or points to the next URL in the list after showing a specific web page that is indicated by a URL. You submit this list of URLs to the company or person offering the free website rotator when you become a member of this site.

The usual procedure is for the free website rotator to go through the list one by one and in sequence because you may want to evenly divide the promotional exposure of each URL and you may also have a preference for the URLs to be the first to be shown. If you have a large number of websites to advertise, a free URL rotator can save you a lot of labor. To demonstrate, if you want to promote 100 sites, you will longer have to produce 100 different links to advertise them. The services of free url rotator can really save you a lot of time and effort when you make use of it.

There are just two aspects of free website rotators that you need to be concerned about. There may be a maximum number of URLs that you can include in the list that you will submit to the service provider. If the number of websites that can be accommodated is less than the number of sites that you need to promote, you may have to find another free website rotator that does not impose such a restriction because it would be difficult for you to keep track of two or more providers. Another aspect that you might need to look at are banner ads that may appear when the free URL rotator displays the chosen web page. Usually, the provider offers you the option to make a monthly payment so that the banner ads will no longer be displayed.

Aside from being able to promote several websites with just one link, the free URL rotator also has other applications. Another potential application for the unique service that is made available by a free website rotator is to allow you to easily shift your advertising efforts to another service or product by just eliminating the URL that is no longer wanted. Another way to utilize the free website rotator is a cooperative of advertisers who have to pay to be able to join and have their URLs included in the list.


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