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Getting Your Blog Readers Trust


Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.

~ Arnold H. Glasow

We all know how difficult it is to trust information and people on the internet, but still – you must find a way that allows your blog visitors to hold some amount of trust for you and what your blog is saying. Any business blog can benefit from increased trust by the readers, so with that thought let’s talk about a couple strategies. Strategies that will hopefully stand you in good stead as you develop your blog over time.

People just plainly do not trust businesses for a variety of reasons one of which is navigation that is hard to understand and generally deal with on your site. Something like that speaks volumes to people because it is so easy to avoid a bad navigation set-up. Issues like this that should not happen harken back to more basic things like your good judgment about things like business matters, etc. However with that mentioned, we also have to say that in many cases it is hard to mess up the navigation on a blog just because so much of it is more or less automated.

The ideal is for people to remember who you are or your blog, and there are a few things that can help that along. You should always work to build an email list on every blog you establish. An email list will allow you to continue talking to people, and then you can get very serious about working on the trust factor. How you treat them on your list and what you do to build the relationship will make it or break it. Taking this small initiative can make a big difference in the long run since your readers will like your approach towards your email conversations, which ultimately acts like a glue between them and your blog.

People can be very curious and nosy, and if you have an “About Me” section, then of course most visitors will take a look at it. Try to ensure that you put a suitable photo of yourself in this section as well. There is no need to go on and on about your life, but just something like two or three hundred words should be a sufficient enough length to provide your visitors with enough insight into who you are. We believe very strongly about bios or About sections only because they help to make it all more personalized and less clinical. Another important factor about trust is repeated exposures and consistency, so do keep that in mind as well. When you want to create trust in your visitors, then it is just a question of getting things right and behaving in a professional manner.


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