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~ Dan Zadra

Some article directories allow marketers to submit articles for free. Zero payment for a distribution service is great if we think how important exposure and traffic increase can be for online business growth. And since we all try to keep our budgets under control, the chance to submit article for free should be used at the maximum in order to achieve an effective link building strategy. Many marketers prefer to use paid and free services in parallel so that they can optimize their article marketing efforts, yet, beginners will often go for the less costly alternative.

You have two possibilities for submission: to handle the task manually or to download a software from a SEO link building service and submit content automatically. You can download the demo version for quite a large number of programs and thus avoid paying for costly full programs. Just test one of these tools and then decide whether it makes a good business choice or not. It is worth mentioning that you should only go automatic when you already have a large number of accounts created with article directories and a considerable amount of content to operate with.

Otherwise, the manual method to submit articles for free remains the best option. First of all, you should create accounts with independent directories like or Besides the fact that you submit articles for free, they also bring a decent level of exposure. There are millions of articles in their databases, and search engine really appreciate this content richness. Pay attention not to make mistakes with the categories, because you may submit your content to the wrong place.

It is a good thing to submit articles for free, particularly when you are working with real hubs of information, but it matters a lot where you submit them in particular. During the indexation the categories that we’ve mentioned above are very important; make sure to check them well. Find the best ten free directories and work with them for a while until you can afford to start paying for article submission services like, for instance.

A final word of advice here is to be careful with the quality of the materials that you provide; don’t let the emphasis fall on quantity. If you work with just ten directories but you constantly supply relevant fresh content that readers find useful, you gain one way links to your website. Every day works in your favor, although results will not become apparent right from the very beginning.

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