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Getting More RSS Subscribers For Your Blog


Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom. ~George Smith Patton

The importance of getting and retaining RSS subscribers so that you get repeat visitors is something you already know if you run a blog or plan to create one. The reason for this article is to show you the kind of work that will need to be done and the steps to be taken to increase the RSS feed subscribers in the best possible way to your blog. Growing your blogs RSS subscribers will elevate your desire to continue to provide good quality content.

Reader Encouragement at the Bottom of Each Post: People need to be encouraged and they need to be reminded about the fact that they should and they can subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed. At the end of your post posting a small message explaining to your readers that they can subscribe to your feed and how to do so is very effective . Since your post is already going to be interactive in nature where you commit to communicate your ideas with your readers, your little message is going to come within this flow and it won’t look odd. All you are doing there is showing your readers the benefits they can get out of subscribing to your blogs RSS feed, and there is noting wrong in that. Additionally, this would be the right time to put out the message because your readers will be in a receptive mode, especially if they liked your post.

Obvious RSS Subscription Icon Placement: The position of your RSS feed icon is important, because you want your icon to be placed where your readers can easily take notice of it. If you can, locate it in the top half of the page, or above the fold, so readers don’t need to scroll down to find it. If your icon is readily visible on your page, readers will be able to identify it and subscribe. Aside from choosing the right location, you also need to be sure it’s shown on every page throughout your site. If you put the feed icon in the sidebar, readers will then be able to find it no matter which page they end up on.

Create a Second Subscription Option: Give your readers the alternative option to subscribe to email updates about your blog as well as the option to sign up to your RSS feed. The vast majority of people still prefer to use email to receive updates about blogs they enjoy anyway. Besides, if you use Feedburner for your feeds, you can use this same service to send out your email updates via their ‘publicize’ option. FeedBlitz is also excellent for helping you manage your email subscriptions and your RSS feeds.

The early stages of your blog development and gaining your audience are always going to be a little bit hard and that is why you need to focus on attracting repeat visitors because that can help you balance out your traffic. For additional info visit the internet marketing tools site of


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