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Google’s View On Guest Blogging For links- Tips By Matt Cutts …


What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.

~ Eleanor Powell

Anyone who has an online business or even a website or blog as a hobby will be looking for ways to drive traffic to their website or blog. As the internet is forever changing many webmasters and blog owners often feel that they are swimming against the tide in certain respects. The constant algorithm changes by Google can and have decimated online businesses. More website owners are turning to other Search Engines, like Bing for instance, to submit their sitemaps and switch their home page to them instead of Google.

Having said that Google are still so far out ahead of other providers in terms of market share so any changes to other Search Engine may not be such a good idea in the long run.

If website owners and bloggers can stay clear of any Google penalties, however harsh, and utilise the best tips and methods, they can enjoy a very profitable and enjoyable internet experience.

Therefore, when it comes to blogging tips and staying in Google’s good books, what better tips could you consider other than tips from Google themselves. On that basis, the article below by Google’s Matt Cutts could be absolutely vital. Take a look and more importantly take on board the messages he is giving.

Google’s View On Guest Blogging For links- Tips By Matt Cutts …

“You should know what you will get from your guest blogging. Best guest blogging tips by Matt ……”

All blogging tips should be welcomed by all serious bloggers. As mentioned earlier the internet is forever changing and new methods and procedures are constantly popping up, so as well as reading as many blogging tips and hints that you can, watching a few short blogging tips videos are also an important source to embrace.

Take a look at this really informative short video on Guest Blogging and don’t forget to bookmark us here at What Does Blog Stand For as we regularly post many blogging tips for you to consider.


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