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How To Create Content Simply With PLR Articles


If you have a blog or website you know the importance of providing quality content to your visitors. You need to consistently offer new content for your readers or they have no incentive to return.

The problem is that very few of us have time to churn out endless e-books, articles, and email courses. Even if we have the time, coming up with creative ideas and putting them together in an attractive, readable format can be challenging and require a great deal of patience.

One solution gaining in popularity is the use of private label content. No matter the topic of your website, blog or business, there is likely a provider or two that can offer affordable content that matches your needs.

Having private label rights articles is like having an arsenal of tools and strategy in a super all-in-one package. To help you use your tools to make the most of your investment, here are some basic guidelines to help you make the most of your private label articles.

With private label rights, you have the right to make the content unique to you by revising or in other ways alter the original content. You can claim authorship after you have altered the original works.

Next break your private label projects up into small action steps, noting them on paper or a document on your computer, then take charge, tackling each step and accomplishing it.

Popular techniques and strategic steps could include:

1. Work on one project at a time. If your membership site gives you more than one ebook package, for example, only work on one at a time until it is completely finished and loaded, ready for sale, and your marketing materials are in place.

2. Break the processing of your package down into manageable steps and write them out so that you repeat the process with each product package as it comes along for the most efficient handling of everything in your membership. Steps can include:

A. Revise and edit your PLR articles and marketing content: edit for spelling & grammar errors as needed, insert graphics / digital photos, insert other articles or paragraphs, etc. into the content, revise some sentences and paragraphs, after revising the sales copy, insert audio / video links, images, etc. maybe changing chapter order or orders of sections and headings, etc.

B. Brand everything. Add your contact information and especially URL to the product header / footer of each page, the sales copy, articles, autoresponder series, etc.

C. Insert money-making avenues into your completed articles, websites and marketing materials as needed: pay-per-click Google Adsense ads, affiliate links, banners, product images for back-end sales, sponsor and classified ads, etc.

D. Load everything in place: autoresponder messages and lead capture form code into sales page or as its own web page, main product website, product and bonus download files, audio / video files, etc.

E. Market – -daily! Set up a daily Task in your Outlook or other calendar and spend a little time each day for promotions: submitting articles with your byline & URL, post on forums and send out emails with your URL in your signature (sig) file.

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