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How To Write A Blog Entry That Can Convert Prospects Into Sales


The man who has done his best has done everything.

~ Charles M. Schwab

Beginner internet marketers continually stress about getting visitors to their site. Now I don’t want to underplay this, because it is definitely critical but it is even more essential to get quality traffic which will actually convert into sales. An example of this would be having 10,000 visitors of people below the age of 18 to a site selling funeral plots. Obviously, that demographic wouldn't be good changing traffic. To create blogs that convert , you have to pay attention to a few main considerations.

Here are some of the important things to consider tocreate blogs that convertinto sales:

  1. Write GREAT Press releases
  2. Use pictures to your advantage
  3. Always write quality content
  4. Don?t develop the blog for the search sites, develop it for folk
  5. Don?t oversell

Let’s start at the very top.

1. Write Great and Engaging News to create blogs that convert

The strap line or title of your page is the most important part of getting your visitor engaged with your article.

You want to make certain that your headline is on topic and matches what the visitor expects from clicking through from the link. If the link talks about womens makeup and your headline on the page has to do with fixing autos, you will nearly be assured the visitor will immediately leave. An effective title will absolutely help you create blogs that convert.

2. Use images to your advantage to create blogs that convert

Effectiveuse of pictures is proven to boost conversion rates on your blog. Photographs that are relevant can work to your benefit without even having a word on the page.

Whenever it's possible, try to place an image above the fold (in the top half the page). Exploit this picture to show what you are selling and confirm it hyperlinks to your offer.

It's also utterly vital that your image is clear and has a certain call to action (what are you wanting the visitor to do?)

3. High quality content

So you have gotten people to your site but what do you write about? The bottom line is that you need to work on building top quality, articulate content that has got a true call to action. Do not by any means purloin content from other sites as Google will certainly penalize you for this. Write interesting content that visitors will need to read.

If your page has any one of these Problems?

  • Restricted information which has any value to the visitor
  • Poor grammatical structure
  • Bad spelling
  • Or fails to completely support the headline of the page

Then you are in very , very big difficulty and definitely will have to rewrite it to create blogs that convert.

Content is key to not only getting new visitors to your website and trusting you, but just as significantly getting them back to your internet site continually. They may not buy the first time, but the more they come back, the likelier they'll buy later .

4. Develop your blog for people, not for search engines to create blogs that convert

Many people concentrate so much on SEO strategies to create blogs that convert, that they actually make the blogs illegible for humans. Develop for search websites only and it'll be the kiss of death.

This implies you need to avoid several important things to create blogs that convert:

  • Content over optimised for keywords
  • Different fonts, colors, etc?that make the blog confusing
  • Text that's not formatted correctly
  • Overly big graphics that make the page load to slow

5. Create Blogs that convert and don't Oversell

Avoiding an overly-promotional tone on your page can be huge to inflating conversion rates. We're all battered by hundreds of sales messages daily and the human brain has been conditioned to tune out excessively salesy messaging.

Ira Feuerstein is an avid internet marketer who concentrates on teaching people how to create blogs that convert and in viral empower internet blogging.


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