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Improving Traffic With Meta Descriptions


If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.

~ Thomas Alva Edison

To be successful, a small business’s website needs to have interesting and unique content. But so is making sure that people are able to find it and read it! Adding meta information within your posting strategy will help make navigating your website easier for visitors and help bring in new visitors from the search engines. In this Social Media Training tip, we’ll go over how to use these helpful tools on your blog.

Adding Meta Data to Your Posts

With the All in One SEO Pack plugin installed, you will be able to add meta data to your posts. Under your post box will be another box labeled “All in One SEO Pack” which has boxes for “Title”, “Description”, and “Keywords”.

What makes the “Title” and “Description” so important is that this will be the information that appears when your blog post is found in search results. The “Title” will be the text of the blue link that people will click on to visit your page, and the “Description” is the 140 characters of text that appear under that blue link.

Usually, the title of your blog post will work fine as a title tag as well. Without a meta description, most search engines will just use the first 140 characters of your post to fill in that area. This works sometimes, but what if you are starting your post off with a quote or video? Writing out a clear and concise 140 character description may be the difference in influencing someone to visit your page or not when they are scanning all the top search engine results for their query. In fact, Google has been known to even grab text from anywhere on the page, even from your footer, when auto-completing the meta description! So controlling this area with your exact content is extremely important for new lead generation from the search engines.

Adding Tags to Your Posts

Adding relevant tags to your posts will make your website easier to navigate for visitors and encourage them to read more of your material.

Tags can be added to your posts in the “Tags” box on the right-hand side of the “Add New Post” screen. Whatever tags you add will appear at the bottom of your post, and clicking on one of these tags will give the reader a list of all of the posts labeled with that same tag on your website.

The average web surfer is always looking for something to click on when they are done reading or watching a piece of content. Tags will give the reader something to click on that keeps them on your site and help them find even more of your content!

You can also use these tags in the “Keyword” section of your SEO box. These keywords will help build up your search engine ranking results when people search for these terms.


The Practical Social Media University strives to help small business entrepreneurs use social media to find new clients and customers. You can use social media to tap into the great web of customers and clients out there, and before you know it, business will be booming! That’s because social media is everywhere, and almost everyone is involved! So, why not give it a try?

Here is one example of dozens of testimonials for the University written on Yelp, the world’s largest third party reviews and rating company for businesses. “Practical Social Medial is the place to go to help you use social media to boost your business. I have been using the training for the past two months and watching my business grow.  With clear, easy to follow webinars, blogs, videos, etc.  Steve MacDonald walks you through each step to develop your social network to increase the exposures you’re looking for.  The webinars are also recorded and you are able to go back at any time to watch them. I highly recommend Practical Social Media.” To see more reviews, video testimonials and social media raves for yourself on the university, please visit our reviews page at

Biography information on Steve MacDonald, Founder of the Practical Social Media University: In addition to running the Practical Social Media University, an SEO company and Brand Strategy Consultancy, Mr. MacDonald has served as a founding partner in an advertising agency, CMO of a Hollywood Start-up, Vice President, Director of Strategic Planning for the Mazda Motors of America, Executive Vice President of a regional marketing firm, Director of Client Services for a top ten internet marketing agency, and CEO of a start-up.


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