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Increase Conversions With The Product Style Affiliate WordPress Plugin – A Basic Review For All Affiliates


We all are familiar with the troubles with economies around the globe, and perhaps that is one explanation why so many have joined the affiliate marketing arena. The availability of tools and resources for affiliate marketers truly has never been greater.

It’s likely that you are not aware of Ryan Stevenson who is responsible for delivering The Product Style Affiliate WordPress Plugin. Ryan has been quietly succeeding at online marketing for 15 years, and he has remarkable experience with creating products, Amazon marketing and affiliate promotion, in general. We cannot really hope to discuss all aspects of this plugin, nevertheless we prepared this review so you can choose if you want to find out more.

Ryan designed this plugin to operate properly with WordPress blogs from 2.7 to the most up-to-date version. So no problems at all regarding whether or not it is current since he ensures it is. We all understand about terrible documentation with different kinds of products, and that is not going to be any kind of issue here due to thorough user instructions. Ryan makes sure you have no troubles since he gives an educational PDF, plus the same details are posted on the plugin website.

Ryan wanted something that does virtually all it can do to accomplish substantial conversions. Since he has been thriving at this for about 15 years, it is safe to believe he understands all about conversion process optimization. What you could possibly be most curious about is knowing you shall be in control over how your ads are made. Also, you will be given a lot of freedom since the plugins support Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction advertising campaigns. The plugin’s admin area is where you custom style and design your own HTML ads plus have control over your ad styles. Ryan appreciates from years of experience that achieving success with ads for affiliate marketing is impacted by having the ability to exercise absolute control of ad layout elements.

To be able to give you this level of control and features, you will work with the Admin Section to input your ad specifications. Just a couple of illustrations are specifying ad categories and any options that are best suited for any ad. One robust feature consists of selecting the countries in which you want your ads to be viewable. One long neglected area of online business is global marketing. You will have the opportunity to exercise total control over your promotional campaigns in foreign markets. This aspect of foreign marketing is only available for Amazon affiliate advertising.

Naturally you can use pictures with your ads and modify ad characteristics such as the colorings and widths of ad borders as well as more than just one border. Then there are colors for the background in your listing boxes that can be adjusted as you see fit. If you happen to be an Amazon Associate, the Product Style Plugin includes Amazon “Enhanced” ad options. So if you elect to run Amazon Enhanced ads, then you can perform even more with them on your website.

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