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Is Blogging Alive And Kicking?


Success comes in cans, not cant's.

~ Author Unknown

Do people and businesses still blog? Do they really need to, what with Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media sites knocking about.

Well, by the looks of it, blogging is still as popular as ever and is flourishing. The advent of more and more Social Media sites may be seen as a threat to blogs and blogging but in reality, this is not necessarily the case.

Posts, or likes, or tweets can be seen as a way to introduce a greater, more detailed piece on a particular topic or issue being discussed. They can do this by adding a snippet which then links to the fuller, more informative article or post on a blog.

Certainly, Social Media is here to stay, but so too is blogging by the looks of it.

Wordpress founder, Matt Mullenweg seems to think so….

WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg At SXSW: Blogging Still Booming – Marketing Land

Marketing LandWordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg At SXSW: Blogging Still BoomingMarketing LandMatt-Mullenweg In this age of 140-character missives, Facebook “likes,” and on-the-go mobile content consumption, it wouldn't be surprising to see that bloggi 

For those that are not sure what a blog is or what is blogging, this short video should give you a much better idea….


many times you must have thought what is blogging.


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