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Is Monica Main for real?


Don't let anyone steal your dream. It's your dream, not theirs.

~ Dan Zadra

Over a year ago I found Monica Main‘s program and bought it. Monica has a record I just learned. Monica has a crimial record. She knows her stuff with investments on real estate well. Her criminal record also appears to be more of a mistake on her part than anything. She sold software for trading stocks and got in some trouble for not being licensed to do so.

It appears Monica has been doing so good in her apartments she launched her own Ultimate Wealth Attraction program too. With over 300 pages of info her program is crammed with lots of stuff so it takes time to read it. I have a new level of confidence from her program now. I am no longer afraid of sellers after going through her program. She has a list of broker contacts, but they haven’t been a lot of help. She does have a email list I got on and she has sent valueable tips on that to me. She got forced into bankruptcy I think about 7 years ago. Is Monica Main Scam or a for real investor now? In 130 I made my first offer and got it under contract.

Thanks to the Monica Main Squidoo review I found out a lot. The thing I liked was there are links to government websites so you can read the full record of her past. I am glad I found this review because I feel like Monica is more real now. I am glad I didnt read the review at first because I may not have bought her program. I would buy her program again as it is worth the $99 bucks for 300 pages of helpful info.

So if you are new and need a program to help give you a boost this is the one to get as it is full of lots of info. Her style of writing pushed and motivated me to action in ways I never imagined. I would give her program a 8 out of a 10.

If you are looking for a great trainer and program at a low cost this may just be what you are looking for it was for me.

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