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Making Money By Blogging For Fun


Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.

~ Arnold H. Glasow

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There are different reasons why people blog. Some simply want to share their stories while others want to make money. Some just enjoy writing while others focus on various schemes to achieve certain goals like an SEO expert. The interesting fact is those who do blogging for fun often end up making money faster than those who have been trying to make a profit all along.

See, when you start to blog for the sole intention of making money, you easily become stressed. You fuss about every post and you want each to be perfect. While perfecting every entry may sound a great plan, it frequently makes you do much more than what’s necessary. It eats a lot of time and the catch is it won’t be too long when you start feeling the compulsion to do other things that will help make more money. Think of affiliate marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and the likes. They may be beneficial, but doing all of them at the same time can burn you out.

On the other hand, blogging for fun is totally different from niche marketing. Those who blog for the sheer thrill of it typically talk about things which matter to them like their hobbies, interests, and dreams. Talking about these compels the use of natural language so the entries end up sounding a lot lighter and jollier. Readers can understand them easily too.

Furthermore, when you blog for fun, you are never too concerned about the specifics. Because you are not under pressure to tackle too many items at one time, you freely think and express the thoughts in your head. This lets you see things much more clearly.

If you’re wondering where to get fun blog ideas, here are some things you can do:

Dig deep within. As already mentioned, blogging for the sheer joy of it allows you to talk about things you value. Digging deep within and reflecting what matters to you can already give you numerous fun ideas to talk about. Really, you don’t have to look far!

Be real. Being real is the key to genuine freedom. When you blog, it must be your priority to be real on top of everything else. Don’t think of what others would think. Just be yourself.

Be consistent. Consistency is important in keeping a blog. This is not much for yourself but for your followers. See, if you already have a steady audience, you are somehow obligated to “talk” to them regularly. If you fail to do so, they might feel neglected. Now, you wouldn’t want to do that, right? Hence, while you don’t have to blog daily, see to it that you update your blog regularly.

You can blog for fun. Just give importance to what’s truly essential and you will surely succeed not just in blogging for fun but in earning too.


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