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Maximise Profits From Your Website PCP Advertising V Affiliate Promotion


Okay so now you have you have your site up and running, over time it has developed good amounts of steady traffic from the engines like google as well as a loyal base of habitual readers. Now is the time to start making some profits from your web site, but with the number of options open to the modern day webmaster, just how do you decide which to use?

In this critique, I will to chat about two of the most commonly used methods of making a living generation from your weblog. These are the ever popular Ppc programmes, and partner marketing systems.

First I will explain what each of these are:

PPC/Pay per clickI think most you will have noticed of. This is the programme provided by the search engines giants like Google and Yahoo. The scheme gives any webmaster/web site owner the ability to earn funds from their site by showing targeted advertisements. The online businesses need to be approved first by the search engines in question first, and then you (As the blog owner) have a easy HTML script, that you copy and paste into your online pages coding. Whenever someone clicks on one of the adverts on your web site/site you get paid a amount of the amount that the search engine charges the promoter.

Associate programmes, this is basically the capacity to announce other companies products|services on your internet site, and then you get paid either a fee when someone clicks on the banner/text link or a percentage of the sales made from someone who purchases items via your partner link. Most major companies with an internet website offer affiliate schemes. On the other hand there are specialist associate sites, which offer a collection of what they deem the best affiliate marketers schemes all in one site.

I have been promoting associate schemes online for over ten years now. One I have been promoting for 6 years is an associate scheme. There are oodles around to choose from a few are Amazon|Boots|Ebay|Play and many more.

Both of these methods are very good for making funds, and both are also very simple to execute into your weblog. The issue is which one do you use for your website?

Well I think it depends, PPC is very easy to use and is well respected throughout the industry as a scheme that pays out and is tested. There is some debate that the general internet public are getting less pleased with internet sites that show adverts and are less likely to click on them. The internet crawlers match the most appropriate advertisements to your websites content which make them an attraction. The beauty is that site owners are paid per click and not on a sale. The downside is that the money earned per click can sometimes be very small.

partner marketing means you can 100% control what is marketed on your weblog, picking only the products you want to market. The affiliate percentage fee’s can be very attractive as the vast majority are based on sales not clicks. This is both good and bad; if your blog makes a sale then you generally will be well rewarded, especially if it is a high value item. The downside of course is that if you website does not make a sale, then you won’t get paid. Whereas with PPC programmes site owners get paid per click not sale.

If you find one well paying associate programme then potentially you can really focus you efforts on just that one scheme. I know one web site that is based purely on airline flights for one company, and pays out to the blog owner on average a monthly income for most citizens.

I use both of these programmes on my sites|blogs, and overall have found that I make more from the partner schemes, however I do focus more time and effort on my web sites that operate these systems. In some cases you can have both PPC and some affiliates schemes on the same sites, but check the rules first to stop you from losing income if you are found to be breaking the rules of publication of adverts.

I think affiliate marketers schemes are better for specialist web pages, like my elottery website, and the PPC publications are better for general sites. Overall Pay per click is straight forward to install and the search engine then displays the most relevant adverts for your internet pages, whilst affiliate marketers schemes related to your website can sometimes be tough to find. A good example of a blog running Pay per click advertising is my extra income blog.

In this article I reffer to blogs a lot, this is because they are easy to update, and so can be unique for a lot of the search engines to crawl. At the same time though, I think it is easier for Search engine optimisation to be done on static internet sites, I have a elottery blog which, I use a lot to promte and generate an income from.

If you have a weblog with plenty of traffic or regular visitors, then either of these systems will enable your weblog to make money. As with everything it is all about finding the best fit for your site, and some element of trial and error will exist. If the first thing that you try does not work, then try one of the others. I know lots of people who make funds from both systems and you can too.


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