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Motivation Strategy In Business


The new working day … begins

You open the organizer and look at the list which is planned for today:

– To answer electronic mail;
– To write advertizing article on the site;
– To let out mailing;
– To make call bells to the clients

All these tasks here already throughout several days are transferred for tomorrow. But today already it is impossible to postpone performance of affairs. After all if you won’t answer mail you risk to offend people who wait for your answers.

If you once again won’t write advertizing article on the site you will earn nothing. And money already comes to an end …

If you won’t let out mailing it can eliminate from directories of mail services, and new readers will cease to subscribe for mailing – potential clients. Besides, if not to let out mailing regularly readers simply will start to forget about it. And it means that the numerous efforts spent for lining of trusted relationships with the subscribers will be spent in vain …

If you won’t make call bells to the clients you simply risks to lose them! And after all each client is extracted “by the own sweat and blood”. Clients should be appreciated! Especially constant.
You feel that today it is necessary to fulfill many affairs, to postpone which already is simply impossible! Reluctantly you start to work…

The new working day … begins
Other man opens the organizer and looks at the list which he has made overnight during daily evening planning:

– To answer electronic mail;

– To write advertizing article on the site;

– To let out mailing;

– To make telephone calls to the clients

He smiles broadly, stretches and rubs hands from an anticipation of pleasure from forthcoming operation. Mentally he imagines…

… how people who will receive answers from him on electronic mail will rejoice. He feels satisfaction because that he appears useful to other people. He anticipates obtaining of new letters with which help to continue dialogue with members of the command. Each letter sent by him promotes increase of level of professionalism of members of his command that approaches to achievement of that purpose which he has delivered himself in business.

… how he sits down to phone and starts to ring round the clients. With many of them he has fine relations. Each of them is unique, interesting, talented in own way. Everyone has the problems, pleasures, achievements. He likes to communicate with people. After all hardly such person will become richer. He again feels feeling of own significance and usefulness for other people …

Two persons are with the identical list of affairs. But they have absolutely different motives.

It seems to me that this strategy is simply built in us since the childhood, during education. The small child is surrounded with numerous “is impossible”, “do not climb”, “do not touch”, “do not dare” … Everywhere restrictions, everywhere punishment threats for disobedience.

Actually, strategy “motivations from” isn’t bad. There are many spheres of life where it is more effective. For example:

– It is not necessary to touch barehanded incandescent plates;

– It is not necessary to walk at night on “gangster” regions;

– It is not necessary to talk to strangers (children)

Nevertheless, after the child matures, he continues to use this strategy in adults life spheres, frequently without reflecting at all that there are other, more effective strategy.

“The motivation to” is characterized by pleasant experiences. The person motivated with aspiration to pleasant, is able to create attractive images of the future in the imagination. It is focused not on process of performance of affairs but on the end result, on advantages (exterior and internal) which he will receive after performance of tasks in view.

From the point of view of the majority of tasks of business strategy “motivations to” is much more effective.

If “motivations from” train in the early childhood “motivations to” don’t train strategy anywhere. It should be studied independently or on special trainings.

And what preferential type of motivation is used by you?

What did you do with the greatest pleasure and what “with a great effort”? What do you feel when start performance of important issues? Whether you like to postpone performance of affairs for other day?

The first step in framing of motivation strategy “aspiration to pleasant” is to realize the preferred strategy in various spheres of life.

Then start meaningly to change them. Connect the imagination. Draw pleasant patterns where you already see yourselves. How do you feel? How do you look? What happens round you? What do surrounding people speak to you? Imagine how much performance of scheduled business will approach you to achievement of your Big Purpose.

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