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I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.

~ Pablo Picasso

There are many reasons why bloggers build and develop their blogs. For many bloggers an authorative blog about their area of work expertise is a way to communicate with like-minded people in the same area of work. Ideas can be exchanged and new tips and techniques put to good use as a result.

Bloggers keen on cooking may set up their blog to introduce a series of new or popular recipes for their reader audience to, pardon the pun, digest.

Internet marketers may set up a blog about certain aspects of internet marketing – for example, affiliate marketing, producing your own electronic product, reselling products with resale rights – to name just a few instances.

Many sports followers are keen bloggers as well. It is unlikely that a sports follower will set up a blog about “sport” generally. They will set up a blog about their own favourite sport, or a certain aspect of their preferred sport. For instance, a keen golfer may set up a blog about how to perfect your golf swing, or may write reviews about their opinion of the best golf clubs to buy.

You may have noticed that the instances discussed are not too general. They are quite specific – in other words, do not write about sport, do not write about golf. Write about a certain aspect found in the game of golf.

This is niche blogging – you are providing niche blogs.

Do not write about cooking generally, but write about certain recipes. Not all or any recipes, but recipes on a particular type of food – write about beef recipes, or Italian food recipes, or desset recipes.

By drilling down into a general topic you will find a niche that will be of interest to you as a writer and be of great interest to your audience. The narrower the niche the better in a lot of instances. You can start the thought process with sport, followed by golf, followed by commenting on golf clubs, followed by commenting on the best golf clubs for women.

Do you see where we are going with this. This is niche blogging – bloggers are producing niche blogs.

To help your understanding on niche blogging, read the following article giving you seven reasons why niche blogs succeed.

7 Reasons why niche blogs are succeeded


I can say accurately not possible creating successful blog in array of topics. If you see many blogs only some are successful, that is because of choosing only one niche. The blogs which target only one niche are more

All bloggers are looking for blogging tips. We also provide suggestions on three niche blogs you can profit from right now.

Three Niche Blogs You Can Profit From Right Now – Blogging Tips


If you’ve been paying attention to my create a blog case study then you will surely understand what I mean when I say there are millions of different ways to make money online. Later this month I will be doing a completely free …

But how do you find a good niche to start blogging about. Do you think that your blog idea is too narrow? Who will read your blog and where do you find the right keywords for your blog and where do you find the content for your blog?

These are just a few of the questions you may be having. We will discuss niche blogging further and niche blogging tips in subsequent posts.

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