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No Internet Site – Don’t Let That Stop You From Making A Living Online


You’ve Affiliate marketing as a way to make a nice chunk of change, but you don’t have any programming skills and wouldn’t know an html code if it bit you. Can you still achieve success and make money Marketing Online?

Yes. You can.

There are many ways to make money online without a website. We’ll discuss how you can blog your way to big bucks.

Blogging is a website (don’t worry no website skills needed) that you update every couple of days with posts about your chosen subject. Visitors can comment on your posts for others to see. You can place advertising on your blog – provided automatically by Google – and get paid whenever an individual clicks on one of those ads.

You can also use a blog to sell products as an affiliate. Affiliates get paid, determined by the product owner, for each sale that is generated as a result of one of your visitors buying the product. Clcikbank Website is used by thousands of product owners as a payment processor and as a method to pay affiliates. It is free for affiliates to sign up and find products they would like to promote.

LiveJournal,, and, are just a few of the free sites where you can quickly and easily set up your blog.

Pick a market niche you’re accustomed to as the topic for your blog. Every few days post on your blog. Of course that’s not all you need to do. You have to get people to your blog to read it and hopefully click on your paid ads, or on the products you’re promoting as an affiliate.

Lots of the blog sites are searchable by keywords. Search on the same words you’ve used for your site to find other blogs. Then leave a comment on the applicable blogs and include your link to your own blog. If you don’t have time you can hire people to comment for you. The cost runs between 10 cents and a $1.00 per comment posted.

You can submit your blog’s url to search engines so if someone wants information on ‘how to raise guppies’ and that’s the subject of your blog, your blog shows up for visitors to find.

You may also write articles on ‘how to raise guppies’ and distribute those articles to directories. and GoArticles are two directories which are favored by Google. Again if someone is searching for ‘how to raise guppies’ your article will show up. They click on the article and then click on your blog.

With a little research and time you can become profitable and increase your bank account with Online Marketing just by blogging.

One tool that I often recommend your use in creating your ad copy for Clickbank products is the Niche Ad Generator. It is a absolutely free tool to use and does an excellent job creating exclusive ad copy. Also I suggest you join UOIS which is University of Internet Science which offers superb Clickbank Training.


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