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One Of The Oldest Affiliate Schemes Around


Everybody is aware of the Amazon webstore. No doubt about it, they are one of the most famous online shops on the planet. They might even be one of the most famous retailers full stop. But what comes to mind when you think about Amazon? Books, CDs, DVDs, consumer electronics and gadgets. I suppose these days the Amazon Kindle reader might be the first thing a lot of people associate with Amazon.

In fact Amazon offer an incredible range of items at their online retail outlet. You can buy all sorts of things for your home, hoovers, pots and pans, bed linen, tools, toys and games. You can download music and video and avoid having to wait for a CD or DVD to arrive by mail. You can even shop for groceries on Amazon.

Which is all very interesting of course – but what difference does it make to you? If you’re interested in making money as an affiliate then the enormous range on offer at the Amazon store offers a tremendous opportunity for you. There’s certain to be something that will interest your potential customers – all you need do is get them to visit the Amazon website using your affiliate link and Amazon will do the hard sell on your behalf.

Amazon, of course, is very efficient when it comes to getting people to buy stuff online. It’s how they make their money – and they do it extremely well. Apart from all the various little tricks that they have perfected over the years – the free shipping, the list of other items that go well with your chosen goods, the e-mails when they’ve got a special offer – they enjoy a high level of both brand recognition and trust amongst the buying public. Combining the high trust levels for the Amazon brand with similar brand recognition and trust of the products on offer – Sony, Apple, Microsoft for example – makes it easier for you to achieve a high sales conversion rate.

Amazon’s affiliate program – or the Amazon Associate scheme to give it its official title – is one of the oldest in existence. That’s a sure sign that they’ve got something right and that the scheme is a good one, both for the company and the affiliates who promote it. There’s no fee to join so there’s no risk for you. You will require your own website – but that can be just a free blog if you like. Amazon will need to approve your website or blog. This is quite a simple process. In a nutshell, if you don’t have any hate, racist or “adult” content on your site, and as long as you don’t use the word Amazon in your url, Amazon will probably approve your site. If there’s a problem you can reapply as many times as you like with a different site or blog.

The sign up process is free, simple and fast. You could be promoting items from the huge Amazon portfolio in just a few minutes time. So rather han spending all your time promoting e-books that very few people want, you could be selling real stuff to real people and making real money.


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