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private label rights that won't be resold?


are there any plr websites that don’t resell the private label rights that you purchase?

or does private label right’s mean that it can’t be resold?


One Response to “private label rights that won't be resold?”

  1. CHARLES B says:

    Her is one definition of PLR

    "Private Label Rights Products (PLR) – This generally means that you can edit the product in any way you like, put your name on the product and sell or giveaway the product. Every product has its own set of licensing rules. For example there may be a minimum price that you can sell the product for, or you may not be allowed to give it away. Please read the license after you have downloaded the product to make sure that you understand how it can be used."

    As far as I know there isnt but some will limit their sales to 20 – 50 – 100 etc… this will be reflected in the price you pay

    Hope this is of some help

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