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Seo Marketing Is Difficult At The Start And Keeps Changing.


I never thought there would be so much to learn in order to use my skills for web marketing portugal. As it happens, because the last couple of years have enabled me to discover methods and types of seo portugal has opened up to me as an Internet search engine marketer. Using the Free Traffic System I have realised that anything is possible.

There are several ways to use FTS, one of them costs nothing and is a fairly passive form of marketing through articles containing a couple of backlinks posted on up to 30 blogs.

Another much more aggressive way of climbing the serps mountain is to use their push strategy. It involves a huge quantity of backlinks appearing faster than possible through the free system. It would certainly not seem natural in the same way to the search engines but where there is a need for a full blast back-link campaign and time is pressing then it works better than the normal system.

I still intend to use the free system or if I have signed up for the pro version then a month or two using the upgraded article marketing with more backlinks in more blogs. The free system is very useful to succeed in niches where there is some but not much competition. I have used it myself with good effect.

The free system still allows webmasters to enjoy the paid seo push but at a higher price than if you have paid to be pro. This is very fair as for instance if i wanted a double push of 5 articles, it would cost me 15 dollars extra on the free system. Not too much extra, but if I wanted a huge campaign of blog posts, blog comments and forum profiles then it would certainly pay me to go pro. The difference in the cost would cover my membership.

If I suddenly had 497 dollars, it would be money well spent to be permanently pro…this is the price of lifetime membership and access to all the best prices.

marketing in portugal is the same as anywhere else but the need for English seo guys is relatively small so I need to reach out to a bigger audience. It is one of the hardest things to do, but who knows? With the aid of my new knowledge and FTS, there is no limit to what I can accomplish with a little money invested in the right places.

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