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A common mistake that many people make when starting to do web Internet marketing is that they focus on the wrong things. So, what exactly are the wrong things? Wrong things are anything that takes away from people their time and attention but doesn’t make them any money. As a thought, how many people do you think spend too much time on Twitter only building huge pseudo-“follower” lists that won’t make them any money?

What about the number of people that spend too much time on Facebook without earning any money? How many people are wasting their time hoping for a free ride on traffic building giveaways? Think of the thousands of potential web Internet marketing types who spend hours of their time surfing traffic exchanges while not doing it properly. Thousands of other people are spending too much time chatting on forums without any benefit to their business. Don’t get me wrong here: none of the things I mentioned so far are bad in themselves. They should take a place in every Internet marketer’s arsenal, but they should not be at the top of the list of priorities. So, what activities should you be prioritizing when doing web Internet marketing? Develop a habit of creating services and merchandise of your own. These can be either physical or digital products, or a set of skills that you can suggest as a service. In either case, you need to make your mark by offering a product of your own. After you create a product or service of your own, build an affiliate program with or But, don’t just leave it at that. Create a great sales page, a number of e-mail newsletters, banner ads, ‘thank you’ page ads and a whole variety of other resources to encourage people to join to your affiliate program and market your products. Contact other notorious marketers and offer them joint ventures. You will need to find marketers who offer products that compliment your own so that the two of you can put together an attractive joint package. Outsource tasks that are time-consuming but necessary to accomplish. For instance, if you’re not keen on writing articles or e- books, or you don’t seem to be able to develop original products of your own, then simply find a person who can do that for you. This will leave you free to concentrate on marketing your products and services.

Generally, outsourcing the jobs will cost you some money, however it will also save you a lot of time and hugely increase your productive output. Take a look at every successful Internet marketer perfuming Cash Gifting, and you will find that they all employ other people to do things on their behalf. If you try to do everything yourself, you’ll in the end be holding yourself back from achieving the success that you wish for the Abundant living.



  1. Mathew says:

    Outsourcing is one of a great alternative way to gain success in internet marketing. It always a matter between Time VS Money. Spend a small investment on outsourcing can save you a great deal of Time to do much more productive and important issues on hand.

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