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Simple Blogging Tips: Do you only write positive reviews?


Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.

~ Woody Allen

This latest blogging tip focuses on whether you should only write a positive review. I think that much depends the nature of the blog and the severity of the negative comment if it is felt that a negative comment is warranted. Don't forget that a negative comment to some people can be seen as constructive criticism to others. Do not, however, in any circumstances, be abusive or offensive in any of your comments.

If however, the blog is based a particular sports team and the blogger makes a statement along the lines of "our top player is the best player in the world". If you agree with that statement then fine, but if you don't then I would not consider that an opposing considered comment would be deemed offensive or unwanted. 

Just remember, make your comments in a considerate manner and don't be afraid to express your thoughts positive or negative in a way that you do not offend and in a way that your opinion is a valued one. 

Simple Blogging Tips: Do you only write positive reviews?

"Writing a negative review is, I think, a bit of a tricky subject. We all want to “tell the truth” and “be honest” but sometimes, it feels like someone is just rah-rah-ing ……/simple-blogging-tips-do-you-onl…"

We regularly post blogging tips on a variety of topics. We hope you like them. We also post several videos as well so that you can see a more in depth, informative post on a particular topic, like the "So You Want To Be A Blogger" video below. We hope you find this and the article above useful.



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