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Simple Yet Powerful Approaches To Give Your Conversion Rates A Face Lift


The biggest challenges that an online marketer or a webmaster faces is not driving traffic, but converting the visitors into valid customers. We want to share some solid tips and suggestions on pushing your conversion rates even higher. So if you’re selling a product about adult tricycles, make sure it’s high quality.

The first tip that you need to keep in mind is that on the Internet, the best way to convince someone is with the power of words. Words are so powerful; witness the professionally designed and gorgeous website or blog, but ill-suited and ineffectual sales copy will kill your conversion rate stone cold dead. The place to start in this process is by evaluating your sales copy. Other aspects of your site will play a part, for sure, but if someone manages to make it to your copy, then that is where the last battle is won or lost. So many DIY’ers try to write their own copy, and usually for budgetary reasons, and they end-up with poor conversion rates – and that is why. On the other hand, if you can afford a reasonably priced and somewhat competent copywriter, then that is the best ticket for you. One of the most powerful and lucrative marketing activities is testing your copy where ever you have it. There are times when making a small change to the headline can boost your conversion rate. So two important take-aways: evaluate your copy and make changes if necessary; always test everything you do and have on your site. When you first create your site, no matter how perfect you think it is; try to solicit some feeback about it. And always let them know that you need brutally honest opinions, and to just tell you their feelings on the overall or anything really. Also, there is nothing wrong with asking your actual visitors for their feedback, and then offer some kind of freebie for helping you. You may not use every piece of feedback that comes back, but you never know and something can be suggested that will help your conversion rate. Remember that working to increase your conversion rate is a process and it does take some time to do. So for example, if you wanted to grow your sales in the dual seat adult tricycles niche, you should aim at first growing the trust.

In your order form, be sure to mention, once again, your guarantee terms and the the offer which is reminding them of how great it is. You would be surprised, and maybe depressed, if you knew how many people leave the shopping cart (full) and never order. Try as much as possible to avoid such a situation by reassuring them of the offer and by taking the risk off their shoulders. The best approach for increasing your conversion rate is to continue studying and take action as much as possible. So go ahead, whether you want to conquer the motorized adult tricycles niche or any other, apply these tips to be successful in increasing your conversion rate.


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