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StumbleUpon Can Work For Your Online Business If You Understand It


Even since the Web 2.0 internet took off, the net has continued to evolve as a more social world in which interaction is at an all time high. You can easily find social media and networking sites of all sizes, and one of the larger and more well-known is StumbleUpon. The thing that’s interesting about StumbleUpon is that its users are always curious to know, to learn and to find solutions. It is more than possible to discover highly targeted niche markets that are knowledgeable and passionate. What is required of you to be successful at StumbleUpon when so many others have failed? You can even use it to promote for Yaro Starak or Marlon Sanders products.

First you must be a good stumbler in order to stand out in crowd. The main rule of thumb is that you never say bad things about StumbleUpon. All participating stumblers have one main feature in common. This is because everyone involved loves StumbleUpon. You should be loyal in serving the site if you want to receive a good response, seem nice and at the same time make everything seem natural. The other members will respect you if you are loyal.

There are some things that work elsewhere that will not work at StumbleUpon, and we are talking about using automation tools, here.

Basically the problem is it is against their terms of service, and if you are caught then all of you, and your site, will be deleted. This is the web, and there are companies that specialize in doing these various tasks, but you will have to trust they can do it. It is not hard to comply with their rules and develop your presence there along accepted guidelines.

Last but not the least; create a targeted site or a landing page for your StumbleUpon visitors, and ensure that this page is filled with relevant content that serves value to the visitors. Do not make you page give off sales pitches of any kind because the people who come to your page as a result of StumbleUpon will not want to be presented with sales hype. You can always mix in a few products into your website materials. Making your website’s main focus on StumbleUpon users will provide a big competitive advantage over the other websites that are in your niche. So, even though there is a learning curve at StumbleUpon, it is not a steep one to surmount. Make a strong effort to see things for how they are, and the fact is you need to avoid rushing. One good rule of thumb is to give first, then take, and that applies with all social marketing.

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