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Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom. ~George Smith Patton

Blogging for profits happens when companies on the internet pay you to create posts with embedded links and keywords. Though the rules are slightly different for each company, the bottom line is they pay you to write posts. If you are already active at blogging, then why not do it for money? The better of these types of companies allow what is called freeform posting and this method allows you to keep your blog focused. There are two reasons why people fail to make a profit from blogging.

First, bloggers tend to have unrealistic expectations about how quickly their readership will grow and how much cash they will make. When these expectations are not met, the disappointment can take away the desire to continue blog writing for money. The other reason why many fail has to do with the lack of planning. The key to success is to make a realistic plan and stick with it, if you want to turn a profit.

If you’re serious about make your dreams of blogging for money a reality, then try lowering the number of posts you make and use the time you save to draw new visitors. You can do that by setting up link exchanges with other bloggers, making contacts in the blog community and following other well-established modes of gaining blog traffic. Even if you have a great idea for a blog or are a marketing genius, success, of course, is not going to happen overnight.

It takes time to build the kind of readership that blogging for profits requires, and in all likelihood it could take at least several months before you are able to turn a profit. The key is to stay committed to your blogging project during this initial start up period. Set goals to stay motivated and decide how often you will update and how many readers you would like to attract.

Many people prefer the ease and simplicity of working from a blog hosting site such as or Ease of use is evident, as there is little to do on those sites to start a blog, other than to register and create your posts. The only negative aspect about using these sites is a lack of individuality; formatting options and available tools are limited.

You can get many benefits other than simply blogging for profits by installing blogging software to your website. If you are blogging to your own website rather than that of a blog provider, then you will have more flexibility in how you format your blog articles and in the features you showcase within it.

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