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The Idea Of Sale Of Production Through Mass Media


The idea of sale of production through mass media isn’t new. In the ninetieth on channels of the central television various production was advertized and on sale. But, such sales then haven’t received a wide circulation for the various reasons.
All has changed about Internet occurrence, more truly, with its wide circulation. For today the Internet is, probably, most mass of mass media and sale in the Internet has received so wide popularity under forecasts of some experts in marketing that can replace strongly sales through specialized shops. In what is advantage of sale through the Internet, in what is the reason of such popularity?

First, in difference from the first sales through mass media, modern sales on the Internet offer not “pig in a poke” but those goods which we saw and repeatedly bought in shops and we can precisely know – whether it approaches us or not.

Secondly, having seen the Internet price-lists of the goods, as a rule, in most cases, we see that the prices at sale of the goods on the Internet are below the prices of shops. And it is quite explainable: at sale on the Internet expenses on rent of floor spaces are absent, their service, payment of sellers, taxes and so forth Thus, it is real economy without damage to quality.

In the third, the large quantity of users of Internet resources allows to increase sales volumes essentially. Placing price-lists and catalogs of price-lists on other portals, it is possible to increase sales in times, thus saving means for advertizing of sold production. At last, in price-lists and catalogs of the goods sold on the Internet, the short description of structure of production, its mission and using is presented. Agree, in usual shop you will spend a lot of time to study this information, and all the same can’t remember it. At purchase on the Internet you are considerably more insured from purchase of the goods or service unnecessary you. At home, in quiet conditions you can study all behind the screen of the computer and choose what will suit you.

So, sale on the Internet is favourable both to the consumer and the manufacturer. Last, placing price-lists and catalogs of price-lists, using a considerable quantity of various portals you can easily expand area of sales, without essential expenses and with the big economy.

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