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The layman’s guide to back links


Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

help with backlinks

Backlinks often referred to as ‘page links’ are critical to the visibility of your web pages in the search engines and attracting visitor traffic. When thinking about backlinks there are three things you need to consider, the source from which the backlinks are derived, the anchor text of the backlinks and the content of the page to which the backlinks sends the visitor to.

The volume of backlinks

The amount of backlinks to a page is one of the key properties the search engines take into account when deciding how to position the page in the SERPS (Search Engine Page Results).

The origin of the backlinks

Backlinks are like votes with different ‘rights’ that are derived from where they originate from But ‘votes’ passed via backlinks from trusted or authoritative pages to a page have greater influence over the search engines view of this page than backlinks coming from pages with less ‘trust’ or authority. Obvious examples of trusted sources of backlinks carrying higher authority are pages belonging to education (.edu) and government (.gov) web sites..

Google Page Rank

Backlinks from web pages with high page rank (a value awarded by Google to each page that it considers over a period to have attracted, sustained and continued to accumulate relevant backlinks) pass some of their page rank via the backlink to the target page.

The ‘anchor text’

When you see a backlink on a web page it sometimes has a label a word or text related to the information at the page to which this backlink is pointing, what this ‘anchor text’ says has influence upon the value the search engines attribute to the link. If the content of the page is about ‘parenting’ and the backlink on the page is labeled or given the ‘anchor’ text ‘parenting’ then the search engines consider this to be of more value to the searcher looking for web pages related to ‘parenting’ than if the backlink was labeled ‘babycare’.

Common issues

The majority people undermine their backlinks building activities because they fixate on quantity as opposed to quality of backlinks. Having a large number of backlinks to your page doesn’t necessarily mean the search engines will consider your page as relevant.

How to manufacture backlinks

So let me share with you my fail safe process for getting backlinks that will make the search engines take notice of you and bring the right type and relevant visitors to your web pages.

  1. It is critical you select the right keywords before you expend any effort whatsoever.
  2. Your objective should be to end up with a keyword cloud.
  3. You should always begin by identifying a key word or phrase which has a a constant and high amount of traffic.
  4. The fastest and cheapest method to find out how much traffic a keyword or key phrase is getting is to use the Google keywords discovery tool.
  5. I look at words and search phrases relative to my primary phrase and create my ‘cloud’.
  6. From this cloud I generate a library of content containing articles, videos and blog posts each with backlinks embedded with the right anchor text and then use a suite of content distribution tools to disperse my content to a group of directories.
  7. When I author content I do so with the searcher in mind so as each piece of content attracts backlinks to itself as well as sends backlinks to my target pages.

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