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The Most Effective Methods Of PR Improvement


There are an immense number of sites on the web. A great number of them have similar content and identical keywords. Google has invented page ranking system to differentiate between all these sites. Page rank reflects the importance of each site as opposed to the other similar ones. This system is very convenient both for Google as it understands the quality, value and usefulness of each site and for Internet users as they know which sites are more trustworthy. It is a fact that visitors consider information posted at high page rank sites more credible.

The most important factor that determines the page rank is backlinks. Backlink is a link to your webpage cast by another site. This link is sort of a vote for your site. Each vote brings some value to your site which is a part of the casting webpage’s page rank. The more votes you get from high page rank sites the more popular and important your site is considered.

There are also other effective methods of page rank improvement. You can use one of them or a combination of them. It depends on the specifics of your site and its subject. Choose those methods that suit you the most. You can submit your site to web directories. They catalogue the sites and simplify the search process for the Internet users. There is a wide choice of such directories. It is better to choose those with higher page rank.

One of the easiest methods is link exchange. Reciprocal links have less value than one-way links but they are easier to get and bring benefits if you exchange links with sites that have the same or higher page rank. Another important aspect here is to exchange links with relevant sites.

Participate in different popular forums. You can post your comments there, answer questions or help other webmasters. You need to become an active member of it then you will be able to add your site’s URL to your signature or the posts you make.

The most expensive method is buying advertising. This method presupposes that you buy text link ads on high page rank sites. Of course, there are sites that offer free ads, but this is not as effective.

You can also write articles, essays, reviews and put them on article sites or blogs. Use important sites and don’t forget to add the link to your site at the end of each article you write.

Check the quality of your site. Does it look good? Does it function well? Is there useful, quality information at your site? Does it have many webpages etc.? Quality site works for itself. If you give people useful information you will get more traffic and more sites will be inclined to backlink to your site. Thus, spare no efforts to create a high quality site.

These days Internet technologies have become very popular. So no wonder that the Internet network has turned into a way of earning money. But to avoid putting your online business in danger it is very important to understand how to get Targeted Traffic.

Search Engine Submission is one of the most important things which has to be focused on. Remember that people today use online network to find info, and buy goods. And no doubt they use search engines for it. To make an online business successful, one has to use every tool available. Also, Offline marketing may be of help as well if it is applicable to the business.

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