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The Reasons Why Your Market Is More Crucial Than SEO


Search engine ranking for network marketing lead generation is an area that has been encased in mystery and myths for most people throughout the years. Some people understand it intimately and use that knowledge to elevate the results of the businesses they own. So it truly is not surprising to see more and more people approaching SEO from various angles. One such approach is to write content and articles with SEO in mind to improve a page’s ranking when it comes to the search engines. There is the idea of writing SEO articles, or articles created for the search engine spiders. At the time of this writing, in 2011, that approach ought to be all but extinct yet it’s not for very many people.

What Google has long been saying for so long, and has shown in their latest algorithm change, is to write content for the users – use leadership qualities, persay, in your writing. The people who arrive at your website hoping to find what they are searching for. What they are not looking for are articles that appeal to keywords which means, search engine optimization articles. This approach is usually adopted because of not getting enough information or finding the right perspective. If you write for a targeted audience, you’ll see some great things happen, like having increased rankings.

Keep in mind that Google is observing the amount of time visitors remain at your article marketing site. This is known as your site’s “bounce rate” and it provides Google with a lot of data. If site visitors are only on the site for a second and then leave, Google will figure out that your site isn’t relevant or on target for that keyword. This is not good info for you. However, if people are spending lots of time, then you will receive more beneficial SEO points from Google. It will all tie together ultimately.

You should be able to write efficiently for your audience and give them what they already want and, to do that, you need to do some honest research. There’s really no other way to find out about your audience, or target market, and present it to them. It is easier to figure out the needs of your target market when you have really good demographics. When you take time to visit forums where your market spends time at, then you will be able to learn about their problems. This helps to put you in a good location to write about their issues and worries.

Your content can only be assisted by this sort of focused content conception. Your content will be relevant–something else Google can figure out through the use of a simple algorithm. Google’s crawlers can read your content and acquire significance from it. The best approach to have that quality of writing is to be knowledgeable about your topic. So blend that metric with the bounce rate, and Google has a very good idea about how appropriate your site content is.


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